Blonde Ultra Luxury Brow Liner

Blonde Ultra Luxury Brow Liner

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Our expert brow liner glides on with soft, smooth strokes to fill in and shape your brows for a natural look every time. .04 oz. net wt.

• Smudge-resistant
• Hours of wear
• Provides precise application
• Rich, creamy color with a powdery feel*
• Won’t tug or pull
• Easily sharpens to a fine point
• Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups
• Sulfate-free, talc-free

Follow these steps for perfectly-shaped eyebrows:
• Fill in brow area with short, light strokes
• The inside edge of your brow should line up vertically with the outside top of your nose
• The high point of your arch should be parallel to the outside edge of your iris (pigmented part of your eye)
• The outside edge of your brow should line up diagonally from the outside bottom of your nose following the edge of your eye


*Shades may differ from original Ultra Luxury Liners.