Savage Bronze MARK 18hr Eyeshadow Ink 4g

Savage Bronze MARK 18hr Eyeshadow Ink 4g

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Avon Mark. 18Hr Artist Eyeshadow Inks

  • Amazing high impact colour that lasts on lids for vibrant looks that virtually never fade
  • Stay-true, cream-gel formula with pure colour pigments
  • Rich high impact shadow wears for 18 hours
  • Creamy formula stays true and won't fade to keep eyes looking gorgeous

About me:

Unique, comfortable cream-gel eyeshadow with pearls and pure colour pigments for long-lasting colour that doesn’t fade, and lasts for up to 18 hours. 

• Blendable, mess-free, 18-hour colour  
• Crease, fade and smudge-proof finish 
• Intense, comfortable colour

How to use me:

Striking halo effect - Apply a light shade in the centre of the lid, followed by a darker, bolder shade either side, then blend. Repeat along the lower lash line.

Flicked-out finish - Blend a pale shade under brows to highlight, then apply a dark shade to the outer corner of lids, tapering into a poin