HerStory Love Inspires Body Lotion 150ml

HerStory Love Inspires Body Lotion 150ml

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About me:

Embrace the scent inspiration for all women with the chypre, floral and woody scents of Herstory Love Inspires Body Lotion. Discover a story of self-love with the femininity of jasmine, the strength of iris flowers and indulgent praline.

“Nobody starts off perfect. Take a risk on yourself. I created lactogenic smoothies to help new mothers struggling to express breast milk. I went from door-to-door sales to worldwide deliveries!”

Siaba Tumoe – founder of BOO.B Ltd.

Product specification:

• Top note: jasmine.
• Middle note: iris flowers.
• Base note: praline.
• 150ml.

How to wear me:

Feel the freedom of self-love with the gorgeous chypre, floral and woody fragranced body lotion for soft skin. Spritz the feminine perfume onto your pulse points for a longer-lasting fragrance experience.